Dangerous Voice (novel)

Photo by Renee Ruggles

 It's the end of October, 2021, and I just finished my debut Young Adult fantasy novel called Dangerous Voice. Now I'm sending it to literary agents to find a publisher. Stay tuned!

In a land where magic is a talent that’s encouraged and taught, a young half-Elven girl longs to have singing magic. But Lanie has been judged to have only a leaf charm. Determined to find a cure for her Magician mother’s sudden dementia, everything changes on a routine errand to the village. She meets the school bully tormenting a fellow student, and yells for him to stop. But she doesn’t say it, she sings it; and he lies motionless on the ground. Now, the villagers want her dead, and Lanie must survive on the road while she learns to control her dangerous voice. Because there’s a greater threat. A rogue Magician is destroying Magician’s minds to steal their magic, as well as killing trees and rivers in an expanding dead zone. She must use the power of her singing voice to stop him—before he devours all life. 

What makes my book different? 
The singing lessons in Dangerous Voice incorporate real vocal and performance hints and techniques that I wished I’d known when I was a teenager writing my first songs. Dangerous Voice is for everyone singing into a hairbrush microphone in front of a mirror.